“Good Girl”. Carolina Herrera, 2016

“Good Girl”. Carolina Herrera, 2016.

Rating: 20 points (out of 20).

Olfactory Family: Oriental Floral.

Le Nez: Louise Turner.

Oh my God!

That was my instant reaction to this perfume. Since the beginning of this year I was expecting some great hit on perfumery releases and, in fact, some almost got to that level,  especially male fragrances. Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl is, I think, the ultimate hit; everything, and I mean that, in this perfume is a true testimony of creativity, social perspective, sense of criticism and, above all, magnanimous aesthetic approach.

The generator concept of this perfume is the irony between the good and the bad girl: one can say that Good Girl is about bad girls. At least it is aimed to meet their expectations, taste and motivations and it is such a powerful “dilema” that in the last few months we’ve seen the release of Luna by Nina Ricci (as the negative of Nina) and Bad by Diesel.

Is it a strong idea? Is it contemporary? Does it catch a group of people in particular. I do think that, nowadays, women (and specially young women) are less constrained to show or demonstrate their dark side, their wilder and sensual side,

The perfect comparison is the Black Swan movie by Daren Aronosfky where Mila Kunis represents evil in the form of a black swan and Natalie Portman is the personification of good and innocence in the white swan. Who does Good Girl stand for?


It’s for discussing the fragrance. Good Girl is an oriental floral similar to Dolce & Gabanna The One or Givenchy Dahlia Divin, just to quote two examples between many other successful floral oriental fragrances. However can say that there’s a certain irony in this composition as strong components like Tuberose, Tonka Bean, Cocoa and Coffee are “mixed” with lighter ingredients such as Jasmine and Almond; the single-minded, ruthless and determined character character of a girl “mixed” with her sweet, elegant and passionate personality.

Is it a shoe? Many Perfume Lovers fans asked me, when the first image of Good Girl was shown, if the bottle was actually a shoe. Yes I’m afraid it is. As far as I’m concerned this bottle is a clear revival of the purest line of Art Nouveau, no doubt. It’s the duality between the elegance, glamour and innocence of its curves against a ruthless pointed edge.

Perfume advertising is undertaking a series of changes since the beginning of the century. Nowadays the effort is not only channeled to express some aesthetic categories related to the fragrance. It is about storytelling! Good Girl has a perfect storytelling in my opinion (I cannot speak on technical issues though) of a girl – Karlie Koss – dressed in black that walks through a street, spreading charm, luring every men in her way and, at the same, causing every kind of disasters in the path. It’s the perfect image of the good/bad girl duality.


My verdict on Good Girl? Grab it ASAP!

Top Notes: Almond and Coffee.

Base Notes: Sambac Jasmine and Tuberose.

Heart Notes: Cocoa and Tonka Bean.


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