Private Perfume – Miguel Matos

How glad I am to present a series of fragrances designed by a fellow countryman! SP Private Perfume is a perfume trilogy on four elements: Sun, Beach, Fun and Passion; if you ever visited Portugal you’ll find out what we’re discussing. There is no other EU country where you can find all these four elements with such intensity as Portugal.

Sven Pritzkoleit realized that, to achieve perfection in this collection, he would have to meet a Portuguese expert in perfumery: Miguel Matos was the obvious choice. The encounter between a neo-vintage perfumer like Sven and a scent-expert critic as Miguel resulted in the first fragrance – Suntanglam – which was very interesting for me because, as it was idealized, it recalls to a pre-touristic-boomed Algarve when you could experience the meeting of a European and an Arabic culture in one place. Algarve was, at that time, what Suntanglam is now: a mix of European and Oriental elements.

nd-43301Lisbon Blues is, for me, the best of this trilogy; it never stops to amaze me how familiar this scent is! And I can’t describe it properly. You ought to taste it. It’s like a throwback to my childhood, to my grandma’s house, full of old leather and intense plants. In Miguel’s view Lisbon Blues is supposed to represent Fado and, as it goes, Fado is connected to a typical Portuguese feeling called Saudade (you can’t translate it to another language, sorry!). Though it is an intense aroma with strong elements, Lisbon Blues is, definitely, one of my 2017 choices!

Funfair is, for me, a strange deviation. It is, honestly, a bad fragrance. It is too citric and bitter for me so that I can have a positive feeling about that. I imagine it is, somehow, the outcome of a strong and determined labor to achieve a beautiful aroma but, truthfully, I can’t figure it out because of these bitter notes.

I believe that this Private Perfume is the first perfume experience by Miguel Matos and, as it goes, it seems the right start of a journey that I sincerely hope it is full of “scented” successes!


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