“This is Her”/“This is Him”. Zadig & Voltaire, 2016.

Rate (This is Her/This is Him): 16 points / 17 points (out of 20).

Olfactory Family (This is Her/This is Him): Woody Gourmand / Woody Oriental.

Les nez (This is Her/This is Him): Sidonie Lancesseur & Michel Almairac / Nathalie Lorson & Aurélien Guichard.

The launch of two fragrances: This is Her and This is Him, put me on a position of having to underline a review for both at the same time and I have never done that so I will take the challenge and work it the best I can.

The generator concept of these perfumes (or, to be true, the two faces of the same perfume) is the modern interpretation of the ancient duality between the male and the female elements, in a tension that derives from its opposite natures with a constant duel of seduction and denial, played with different schemes and strategies according to each gender. The inspiration for these perfumes was the Zadig ou la Destinée novel by Voltaire, French philosopher from the XVIIIth century, where Zadig, the main character, travels upwards and downwards in a series of troubles and adventures, adapting his personality to every situation. It is, truly, a reflection about the human nature, so to speak.


The struggle between male and female elements is as old as our human existence: we, men, are different from you, women, in many aspects and equal in many other. This is not breaking news, at all, but, I think, this dilemma wasn’t as contemporary as it was a couple years ago; I do emphasis the CK2 release in the beginning of the year: an androgynous fragrance meant to question our cultural perspective of male and female. This is Him and This is Her seem to expose those differences at a new level.

This is Her is a classic woody gourmand fragrance, with pink pepper and jasmine accords at the top, in a contemporary rock composition that works nicely; in the base vanilla and a almost unusual chestnut ingredient establish the lovely and seductive character of any women. This is Him is an original woody oriental that starts with grapefruit and black pepper (again the contemporary rock aim) and evolves to an incense and vanilla base composition (remember Giorgio Armani Attitude?). The heart note is equal in both fragrances: sandalwood (very good, mr. Zadig!).

412432-375x500Both perfume bottles are monochromatic and they are designed to complement each other (how romantic is that?!) but the This is Her bottle is white and the This is Him is guess what… black!

TV advertising for these perfumes consists, in a fast interpretation as I’ve taken to much text, in the dynamic of a young couple in the streets of Paris. It is a strong story, with black and white pictures (why is that?), that runs from pure romantic moments entwined with shocking occasions, like lamps colliding.

My verdict: keep on, Zadig!

Top Notes (This is Her/This is Him): Jasmine and Pink Pepper / Grapefruit and Black Pepper.

Base Notes (This is Her/This is Him): Vanilla and Chestnut / Incense and Vanilla.

Heart Notes (This is Her/This is Him): Sandalwood.

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