“Dylan Blue”. Versace, 2016

Rate: 18 points (out of 20).

Olfactive Family: Woody Aromatic Fougère.

To the date, perfume industry has launched more female than male fragrances. It is hard to acquire large amounts of female customers because, I think, women do want so many different things in perfumes that is not usual to know two girls that use the same perfume, and for the same reasons. But… what about us?

Fortunately, Versace was thinking on us when the brand developed “the ultimate male perfume” which, in Donatela’s word, is the essence of the Versace man today. It is a fragrance full of character and individuality, an expression of a man’s strength and also his charisma. This is the generator concept of this Dylan Blue perfume.

A Fougère fragrance with a woody aroma with new and exquisite citric elements that combine with Fig Leaves (what a combination!), then some Violet Leaves and Aquatic notes, to reinforce its “fresh” dimension, and, finally, the heat comes from Saffron, Tonka Bean and Incense. Trust me, it deserves a trial!

crta-rywiaa1xwaA timeless bottle, with clean-cut lines, blue-color glasses (to stress the “Mediterranean” style) contribute to involve this fragrance into a modern, fresh, sensual and intense character.  The Medusa-like medallion is the natural signature label from Versace that, in this case, I think, doesn’t mix with the bottle, I am afraid.

The central dilemma of the commercial was, to the photographer Bruce Weber, to show that men can have these qualities while remaining very strong and disciplined – like great athletes – and still fall in love with the girl of their dreams. Note that the girl is Gigi Heidi…

Was he successful? To a certain point…

 Top Notes: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Fig and Aquatic Notes.

Base Notes: Violet, Black Pepper, Papyrus Wood, Ambrox and Patchoulli.

Heart Notes: Mineral Musk, Tonka Bean, Saffron and Incense.

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